Deutsche Bahn Initiates Sale of DB Schenker

Deutsche Bahn AG has initiated the sales process of its logistics arm, DB Schenker, outlining a fair and open procedure for interested parties. The sale will proceed only if it demonstrably benefits Deutsche Bahn economically.

DB Schenker, ranking among the global top 4 in logistics, stands out for its robust market presence and has historically contributed to Deutsche Bahn’s financial success. However, to further its growth, DB Schenker requires additional investment and autonomy.

Proceeds from the sale will primarily be allocated towards Deutsche Bahn’s debt reduction, aligning with the company’s strategic shift towards enhancing its primary railway operations under the „Strong Rail” initiative. This move follows Deutsche Bahn’s previous divestments in international markets, marking a significant step towards prioritizing environmentally friendly rail transport, aiming to boost both freight and passenger volumes.

The decision to explore the sale was made by Deutsche Bahn AG’s Supervisory Board in December 2022, instructing the Management Board to assess the feasibility and prepare for a potential full sale of DB Schenker. The final sale decision will rest on a conclusive vote by the Supervisory Board after the sale process, taking into account the overall market conditions.

DB Schenker’s competitive edge spans across key logistics sectors—land, air, and sea freight—as well as in offering tailored logistics solutions. With a workforce of approximately 76,600 across over 1,850 sites in more than 130 countries, DB Schenker is a leading global logistics service provider.