Ford F-Max: New kid on the block!

Ford trucks surprised at the recent IAA with it’s new F-Max truck. This new Ford is to be built by Ford Ototsan in Turkey and will be sold in Asia and the Middle East, as well as in eastern Europe. It looks like Ford made a huge leap forward, pretending to challenge the best the western European truckmarket has to offer.

According to Ford, the F-Max offers a 2.5m-wide cab along with a modern design and driver-focused approach. The design of the cockpit-style dashboard ensures all functions are within easy reach. What we see is that the dashboard resembles much like what Ford offers in passenger cars. The sense of spaciousness in the cab is key, Ford says.

The F-Max cab features a flat floor providing 2160mm of floor-to-ceiling height and 260 mm of seat adjustment. This puts this cab on par with the largest cabs we see in Europe, from instance from DAF and Mercedes-Benz. Furthermore, the F-Max offers drivers airplane-style patented storage, and an innovative 90 degree foldable upper bed. It even has a braking feel that is similar to that of a car, Ford assures us. Furthermore, it offers interior quietness thanks to its best-in-class torsional cab stiffness, lower engine noise and sound absorptive trim design.