PT Creations expands with Scania

T Creations has taken a special Scania into use: a 580S V8 approved as an LHV. The combination, more than 25 meters long, was purchased for the more efficient transport of plant arrangements. “We can take 69 Danish trolleys with this vehicle,” explains Nico Hobo, Logistics Manager. “This results in significant savings on the number of journeys on an annual basis and is fully in line with our sustainability policy.” The 580S is the second Scania for PT Creations. The choice for an LHV was a conscious one, in which the driver was closely involved. “We put together the vehicle in consultation with him,” Hobo says. “Because we wanted him to be behind it. After all, an LHV drives very differently and loading and unloading is much more intensive.” In order to guarantee flexibility, PT Creations has four of its own trucks for transporting the fresh plants. “We have a house carrier on hand, but we do most of the transport ourselves,” explains Hobo. “So much can change in half a day and we want to be flexible with our customers.” Orders placed in the morning are delivered the same day to garden centers, florists, exporters, retailers, wholesalers and liner drivers in the Netherlands and Germany. “Our drivers have to be ready at the craziest times. That is why they have a lot of say in the purchase of a new truck,” Hobo answers when asked why Scania was chosen. “Then Scania is often the preferred brand, preferably with an eight-cylinder engine. In addition, it is important to us that the brand matches what we want to radiate as a company, it is our business card.” Driver Christian van Giessen, who attracts a lot of attention with the S-Series, is very happy with his new workhorse.